Customised are delighted to announce the latest addition to our home automation product line-up. Crestron Pyng® immediately caught our attention when it launched in 2014 and we have followed its award winning growth with great interest over the past 24 months. We took the decision in 2016 to expand our client options and Crestron Pyng was our first choice.

Crestron Pyng technology makes it faster and easier than ever before to enjoy the ultimate luxury lifestyle. Lights, blinds, audio, thermostats, and hundreds of other Pyng-enabled products work together flawlessly to deliver an intuitive, ultra-reliable Crestron experience perfectly customised to your lifestyle.

Thanks to Pyng technology, you can customise your Crestron system at any time. Easily modify settings or create new scenes with just a few taps of an iPad® or Crestron touch screen.

Crestron Pyng technology makes your home more comfortable, convenient, entertaining, energy-efficient, and above all - luxurious. Watch how quickly Crestron Pyng technology wins over the hosts of The Morning Blend talk show on NBC.

Pyng technology enables your Customised installer to complete your Crestron system in a fraction of the time it takes for other "custom" solutions that usually require a costly and labour intensive system programmer.

Take full advantage of our free Crestron Pyng home survey service by contacting Customised today.