Internet of You

Home technology for all! For years, Customised worked in uber-exclusive homes working with ridiculous budgets for luxury tech. For a long time Smart Home living was the preserve of the one percent, of the one percent! Around 2012 a bunch of new Smart devices started upsetting the apple cart, Nest, Phillips Hue, Sonos and others became the headline acts in the Smart Home lineup.

Customised have identified the best Internet of Things products for your Smart Home and have installation options starting from as little as £200. Our sensibly priced installs cover all the home tech bases to get your Internet of You setup.



Lighting scenes for mornings, evenings, weekends, dinner parties and even those rare date nights. The ability to change the ambience of your home is a great Smart Home upgrade. Turn off all your lights when you leave for work in the mornings. Have lights coming on to make it look like your home even when you're on holiday. Use an app or voice control to control your lights.


Once you've made the change to Smart heating control you'll never go back to dumb home living. A connected thermostat is the leading energy saving device in Smart Homes. Internet connected thermostats can give you advanced features such as app and voice control, energy reports and using your location to turn heating on or off.

Multi-Room Music

All your music, throughout your home. Sonos multi-room music system is the number 1 choice for streaming your songs, playlists and radio stations around your home. Sonos allows you to link music services like Apple Music or Spotify to access your streamed content and the app to control it all is super simple.

Media Streaming

The future of television is apps. You already use apps like Netflix or YouTube to watch TV on your mobile devices. The same thing is happening with apps on your TV, and Apple TV is designed around this. In addition, the App Store brings games and apps to your television with big experiences created specifically for the Living Room. 

Home Cinema

Enhancing your TV audio with a Sonos Playbar is an upgrade we always recommend to our clients. As our televisions have got thinner our sound experience from them has diminished. The Playbar brings your TV and movie viewing back to where it deserves. With Sonos you can also add a wireless subwoofer or rear speakers to take the pleasure further.

Remote Control

Stop using three or four remotes to control your TV and set top boxes. Combine it all in one and event control your lightbulbs and thermostat using the easy to operate Logitech Harmony handheld remote or Harmony app. There are a selection of Harmony remotes to suit your entertainment and smart devices.

Voice Assistant

Voice assistants are the headline products in the Smart Home these days. Alexa, Siri and Google Home are some of the most requested features in our installations. Turning lighting on, adjusting heating and getting weather updates are just a voice command away. Everyone in your home is going to enjoy the benefits of a voice assistant.