The Brief

A growing family have begun a complete renovation and extension of a period home. They recognised the opportunity to future ready the home with a wired infrastructure. The main reception rooms are to have mood lighting, motorised blinds and multi-room audio. Whole house wi-fi is a must and all set-top-boxes will be hidden from view with HDTV distributed over Cat6. The main attraction on the ground floor is a Dolby Atmos home cinema with 106 inch screen and 5.1.4 speaker configuration.

The Location

Situated in the heart of Norwich's Golden Triangle, this home is set to be one of the smartest homes with a NR postcode. The architects have shown great interest in the wiring infrastructure and home automation benefits and have specified it in other projects in the area.

The Tech

HDL Buspro will take care of the lighting and underfloor heating controls and the Kitchen will feature the all new Enviro control panel. Motorised blinds by HDL will cover 3 huge sliding door openings in the new Dining and Sitting Room extension. Dolby Atmos equipped amplifiers from Denon and speakers from Monitor Audio will handle the home cinema demands. Ubiquiti Unifi wireless access points will spread wireless internet signals to every corner of the property.

Design Notes

To ensure that all TV's are flush to the wall once mounted, every TV outlet will use the innovative Syncbox product. Syncbox is a recessed power and TV connection outlet which has a finished depth of only 10mm, even when your wires are connected.