A beautiful handmade Mirror TV by PictureFrame.TV was paired with a stunning, room-filling speaker system by Artcoustic Loudspeakers in a South London family home.

When our client requested a mirror TV plus room filling sound we didn't hesitate in specifying this bespoke mirror screen, three speaker soundbar and in-wall speaker setup.

All the cabling required was chased into the solid walls, plastered and painted as part of the installation service. The screen was carefully mounted into a very exact position to accommodate the speaker soundbar and the rear in-wall speakers were positioned at a height to suit the listening positions.

To control all the audio and visual devices, we supplied and setup a Logitech Harmony remote control with matching iOS and Android app.

Our client now has a much admired, interior friendly television and audio setup to enjoy music, TV and films on, with an easy to use remote control and app for all the family to use.

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