Our weekly routine takes us to multiple homes every week. Many are new construction, others are renovation projects and the majority are finished homes in need of some retrofit home technology.

Customised have a long track record in preparing new build homes for technology connections and pride ourselves in making new homes future ready. Following a run of exhibitions we have done in June and July, we have been booked in by many self builders for free smart home consultations and surveys which we offer.

Most assume that wiring for technology is a standard fit for new construction homes but unfortunately it is not. Essential services needed in the home like Wi-Fi and on-demand TV connections are not wired as a standard.

The core message from our free consultations to new home builders is to wire for technology. A single cable type is used to future ready the building, CAT6 network/ethernet cable is the cable to distribute multiple services around the home.

The rule of thumb for CAT6 cabling is to centralise all the wiring back to one location or wiring hub in the home. This would usually be in an under stairs cupboard or utility room cupboard. Allow a minimum space of around 1000mm high x 600mm wide x 500mm deep for the wiring hub and space for equipment that would be stored there like a wireless router, CCTV recorder or TV distribution equipment.

The amount of cabling needed varies with project size but there is a minimum wiring requirement to make it really easy to install systems that distribute Wi-Fi, security systems, TV on-demand and multi-room music. Customised prepare a low cost wiring design for the electrician to run the CAT6 cables to key locations in the home. Our design includes information to make the cabling process so simple for the electrician. Once the wiring is completed, Customised check that all cables are installed before plastering. When ready we then prepare all the cabling into the wiring hub, which is like your fuse board for tech. We deal with the sockets in the room to get them ready for TV or audio connections and then we fully test the wiring to verify it for use.

From this moment the home is future ready. It's ready for systems to be installed for whole house Wi-Fi or a CCTV system or a multi-room music system or devices like smart doorbells and Smart TV’s.

You owe it to your new home to prepare it for the future. Please don't wire the home for how we lived in 2007, start wiring a home for 2017 and beyond. We are entering the era of virtual and augmented reality, voice assistants, your favourite TV and music being streamed and household appliances becoming internet connected.

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