Big blog push at the moment from Customised but with a slight twist. Our Smart Home Blog with Speed posts are done in minutes and are bite size portions of home tech info for you. The post is usually inspired by something that happened that day on site.

We’re at the end of a project in Surbiton that has spanned several months but has really only needed us on site for five or six days. Our commitment to the home has mainly been focused on music, TV, internet and wi-fi. We have put in our tried and trusted brands to meet the customer expectations.

Something that makes it easy to achieve a finished project with minimum drama is getting the connections in place for accepting incoming services to the home. We take time at the early days of the project to identify where the nearest British Telecom or Virgin connection is to the building. Does it come overhead from a telegraph pole, is it buried under the ground. We make sure the internal cabling is ready to get these internet carrying services to the central wiring hub we have in our projects.

For satellite and aerial services we always wire a minimum of five coaxial cables to a pre-surveyed location where the antennas will go. With these five cables in place you’ll never need to run another cable to the dish or aerial. These cables also go back to our central wiring hub and are connected into an amplifier to deliver TV in every room of the house.

As well as handling the incoming services we also wire to areas where other tech lives in the home. The alarm system will get connections for either internet or telephone. The boiler or heat pump will have an ethernet cable close by for control or system update reasons. Any access control systems for gates or doors will be provisioned for internet or telephone for smart remote control of access. It’s also not uncommon for us to wire ethernet to kitchen appliance locations for soon to be common Smart Appliances and finally we make sure the garage has a wired connection for predicted internet connectivity with our cars for software updates and remote diagnostics.

These are just some of the cables we run in the home. If you’d like to know more about what wires a renovated or new build home should have then drop us a message or phone call.