TV First, Kitchen Second

It’s amazing how many customers demand that the TV’s are all set up on the day they move into their new house. I understand the request if the house is all ready to move in to and you can sit down and chill in your first few nights but if the contents of your life is still in packing boxes, the kitchen appliances are not installed and you are sleeping on a mattress in the living room then shouldn’t TV wait? Rant out.

Today I attended a technology workshop organised by CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) and presented by the CEDIA Tech Council. It attracted an elite audience and the agenda covered a broad section of the future technology innovations and disruptions which may shape our business fortunes in the years to come. Hang tight for the era of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, connected glass and Uber-like smart home install experiences on its way.

The day ended with the installation of a new product for us, a HDanywhere 4K hub. This feature packed connected home product is used to pipe all your hidden set top boxes to the TV’s throughout your home. All your devices can be hidden from view and your favourite programs and movies are delivered over a single Cat6 cable to your screen. We chose the 4x4 version to distribute two Sky HD boxes, Apple TV and CCTV recorder to four televisions on the home. The beauty of this kind of system is that you can have a minimalist install of just your big screen on the wall and all the ugly black boxes hidden from sight.

As well as audio and video the HDanywhere mHub Pro delivers internet over the same Cat6 cable for your Smart TV and handles the remote control signals between your sofa and the boxes hidden in another part of the house. The icing on the cake though is the included app based control system for controlling all your devices and handling the switching between sources. uControl is free with the Pro system and provides an easy to use interface with an uncluttered layout to keep you in control over your set top box or media streamer. We found the installation to be a breeze and the handover to the client took minutes because the app was so well thought out and intuitive to use.

Looking ahead to next week we have projects happening in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Surrey, Kent and West London. Follow our Instagram Story to see the freshest content from Customised. Our Instagram account is @customised1.