Customised appreciate the pressures of a self build or renovation project. Financial constraints can arise at anytime during your project. Setting clear budgets at the beginning can ensure that the smart home features remain when the project completes. Here are a few simple tips to keep things in check.

  • Be clear about your finances from the start - and don’t be afraid to ask your home technology installer whether they are keeping it in mind as the project develops.
  • Focus your budget on the core essentials, such as future ready cabling, and consider adding bolt-ons such as home cinemas and HDMI distribution at a later stage.
  • You can create a smart home without splashing out on expensive automation systems. Ask your installer if the use of “DIY” brands could achieve the same solution for requirements like heating control, CCTV and mood lighting.
  • If the initial quotations show a smart home is out of reach, don’t panic. Go back to the brief and discuss with the installer if less expensive options are available or could some items be added later when you have more cash.

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