Tech Wave About To Hit Home

I’m sorry, I know it’s still months away but Christmas is coming around fast and Santa has a workshop full of tech to deliver this Christmas Eve. Home technology devices are going to dominate the wish lists this year and people of all ages are going to be unwrapping the latest internet connected gadgets on the big day. Drones, VR headsets, 4K streamers, face recognising smartphones, fitness trackers, smart doorbells and colour changing lightbulbs are going to plugged in and setup all over the country but there is a huge risk that this latest wave of tech is going to break the internet.

Ok, slight exaggeration, it’s not going to break the whole internet but it’s likely to be too much for your home internet setup. How much traffic can your home router take? How many more devices can sit happily on your network? How far can your Wi-Fi reach before the signal is too slow and weak? Most of us don’t know the answers to these queries and put a huge amount of trust in the freebie router from BT or Virgin. Yes, the speeds are always improving into the home but think about the signal coverage and congestion of your network inside the home.

So many homes have thousands and thousands of pounds worth of technology connected to the freebie wireless router. It often makes me think about sports cars driving around with tiny wheels and filling up with poor quality fuel and oil. Give your tech the infrastructure it deserves.

The process of upgrading your router and wireless network is simple with the Customised Tech Team. Make the call or send a message to Customised HQ, arrange your free survey. One of the team will visit and carry out a brief but detailed survey, at a time which suits you. We can give you the quote there and then for your system and book the installation date if you wish to progress the order.

To give you an idea of the costs involved, our entry level wireless system starts at £499 for a wireless router, two wireless access points and professional installation & setup. A system like this would easily provide a 4 bedroom house with complete Wi-Fi coverage and is built to handle the incoming tech wave about to hit our homes this December.


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