Technology Breaks

The daily blog from Customised continues. I pick out some highlights from the day, tap on the keyboard for 10 minutes and post it on various platforms. Let’s do this!

This morning involved a drive up to the North Norfolk coast to assist with issues caused by a power outage at one of our clients homes. Normally everything comes back on as before when the power is restored but on this occasion a few things failed to spring to life again. It’s not uncommon for an electrical item to suffer in a power outage. We replaced a power supply, checked over the whole system and took a fresh backup of the programming. All was happy again. The client questioned the robustness but I politely reminded him that cars break down, printers die, computers crash and bulbs blow. We try not to apologise for things like this happening. There was a power cut, this item didn’t like that, we’ve fitted a new one and all is well again. In the world of technology, Internet of Things (IoT) is a buzz term, at Customised we provide a SoT service. Support of Things. Look our for a follow up blog on this topic.

In the past few months we took a business decision to abandon our spending on traditional advertising methods and embrace digital only platforms. We shifted from newspapers and magazines to social media adverts and distribution of our blogs across several websites. We are excited about working more closely now with Full Mix Marketing on new digital campaigns and have continued our relationship with Archant to work on their digital outlets. We want to create better content about Smart Homes for your mobile devices, we are developing our skills in using audio to communicate better with our audience and we have reached out to collaborators to work on some exciting projects later this year involving video and audio production.

Customised are always on the look out for fellow innovators and creators to work with in East Anglia and in London. If you want to discuss project opportunities with us or you’d like to bring our input to your plans then get in touch with Kris Gamble on or call 01508 528964.