The Customised Tech Team have picked out their third Gadget of the week which has been on show at CES 2019, and it’s another awesome product that we believe will thrive in many Smart Homes in the near future.

Let us introduce you to the Atmos Control Hub, a wall mounted device which lets you control lights, temperature, music and more from almost every brand out there. Atmos have officially launched it’s Control Touch Panel with the aim of giving people quick access to their most used smart home products via a 7” wall mounted screen.

The Atmos Control Hub hides the apps themselves and instead uses simple icons for lights, temperature, locks, security cameras and music, making it a simple and quick process. When you tap one of the options, you can adjust settings based on their functions. There are also sliders to adjust the lights, virtual buttons for the locks and playlists for music. Some of the brands which are compatible with the system include Lutron, Philips hue, Nest, Ring, Yale, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Sonos, Logitech + much more.

Other smart home product integrations include doorbells, ceiling fans, TV’s and appliances. The Atmos Hub has a tidy and modern look to it, i suppose you could say it’s like a tablet, but on a wall! The user interface looks good, with lovely nature images for backgrounds and flat, simple designs. The main home screen also looks quite cool, featuring the time, date and weather on the right side of the screen and a customisable widget on the left, this was reportedly used for the thermostat control at CES.

The device has the following specs:

  • Quad-core processor

  • B RAM

  • HD IPS capacitive touch display

  • Far-field microphone array

  • Front intercom camera

  • Proximity sensor

  • Ambient Light Sensor

It is priced at around £233 ($299) and available in two colours, Steel Grey or Onyx Black. Atmos will begin shipping preorders around the summer time of 2019 with a retail sale after that.

Images - Atmos

Images - Atmos