The Customised Tech Team have picked out another tech gadget which they believe can go on and be a success in any smart home. Once again, it’s a product that has been on show at CES 2019 and it’s certainly caught our eye.

Introducing the Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock with Google Assistant - This smart clock has a 4” touchscreen, which can show you information relevant to your day. You can set alarms, check your calendar, check the weather and even check traffic on the route you take for work by swiping across on the display. You can use it to watch live feed from a Google compatible smart camera like the Nest Cam too, it also has the ability to play music. The Lenovo Smart Clock is designed to show you the information you need when you're going to sleep or waking up, so don’t be disappointed when you can’t watch videos or play games!

Another great feature that the Smart Clock has, is a touch sensor that allows you to tap it when it's time to wake up. You can hit the top once to snooze your alarm or twice to turn it off completely. In addition to this, when you dismiss the alarm, it can trigger your "Good Morning" routine through Google Assistant and turn on your lights, tell you about your day and play the news.

Thanks to Google Assistant, it doesn't lack other features. In fact, it will respond to all of the same voice commands you give to a Google Home or a Google Home Mini. As well as playing music and controlling smart home devices, you can also search the web and even group your Smart Clock with other Google smart speakers for synced playback.

This Smart Clock is smaller than most smart home displays and is designed specifically to fit nicely on your bedside table. Okay, it might not have as many features as the Google Home Hub but does it need them? Not in my opinion. it’s great for what it is and has all of the important information available for an alarm clock. It’s a simple but effective gadget with a nice fabric base, volume buttons and a USB port on the back for charging your smart devices whilst you sleep.

Release Date: Spring 2019. It will be priced at around £60 ($80).