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Set The Scene With @CrestronInt #Pyng


Set The Scene With @CrestronInt #Pyng

Home automation scenes make life better and more enjoyable in your Pyng home. Here our some of our customers favourite scenes. Get in touch for your Pyng demonstration.

Good Morning

Start the day right. As you wake up, Pyng makes sure the temperature is to your liking and any outdoor lights are all switched off. Pre-programmed settings allow you to prepare for your day ahead.

Dinner Party

Mood lighting and your favourite music creates the perfect ambiance for a romantic dinner for two or a lively gathering with family and friends. Press one button to set the scene for memorable evening.

Welcome Home

Never return to a dark and stuffy home again. With a tap of your smart phone or watch pathway lights illuminate your route to your front door. Inside, Pyng raises the shades, turns on the lights and adjusts the temperature.

Good Night

Are all the lights off? What about the outdoor lights? Instead of getting out of bed to check, just have Pyng set the alarm and make sure your home is ready for a great night's sleep.