Everyday we answer Smart Home questions from homeowners, builders and designers. Here are the three most common. If you have a Smart Home question use our contact us page to get the answer.

What are the most popular solutions available to homeowners on a budget, and what can be achieved?

Multi-room music is now easily achievable in any home, brands such as Sonos and Denon have systems which start from under £200, sound terrific and often do not need professional installation. Intelligent heating control using smart thermostats from the likes of Nest and Honeywell are reducing household energy bills by learning your habits and only heating spaces when required, smarter heating control is another under £200 outlay.

How can the home technology be controlled, i.e. via tablet, smartphone, and what is the most effective solution?

Tablet and smartphone have become the default controller of home technology. Apps produced by companies like Sonos, Savant and Nest have made controlling your home a great experience. Control with mobile device means you have control in the home but more importantly away from home too. Adjust the heating, check your security camera, unlock the door for a delivery and turning an electrical appliance off are all simple tasks for a Smart Home owner. However the very nature of a mobile device means that you often need some form of backup for scenarios like no battery or being used by others (kids) so we still have light switches, on-wall keypads or a most recent trend is the use of sensors. Walk in, lights on, walk out, lights off; great for hallways, utility rooms or garages etc.

How can the use of home controls have a positive impact on the way you live?

Energy saving - home technology can reduce your energy bills for heating, lighting and electrical appliance energy consumption.

Comfort & convenience - home technology is able to learn your habits for heating, lighting and entertainment purposes bundle that up in a mobile app that gives complete control when you are home or away makes it a great choice.

Security - home technology can be used to alert you when there is a fire or smoke detected and guide you to a safe exit. Intruders can be captured on high definition cameras with snapshots sent to your mobile devices. Get alerts from your home when the kids return home from school and even get contacted by your home if a burst pipe is detected.

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