A tweet from CEDIA UK was the catalyst for this blog entry. Almost 10 years ago at Grand Designs Live they built the house of the future for visitors to the show to imagine how we would live in our homes in the years to come. I was unfortunate not to experience this house for myself but like most concept ideas in the built environment I'm sure a lot of the innovative ideas where highly priced or never came to fruition. The tweet got me thinking....

Around the same era the tech savvy homeowner carried or owned a selection of devices or accessories to assist with their lifestyle.

  • Mobile telephone
  • Diary
  • Notebook (paper version)
  • Camera
  • Home telephone
  • Dictaphone
  • Portable computer
  • Road Atlas
  • Wallet inc. bank cards, cash, cherished photos
  • Torch
  • Keys

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Only a year later the iPhone arrived and revolutionised how we live and work forever.

All the devices we carried or kept in our home/car were now bundled into one portable device.

Let's look at the home again. Currently we have a lot of technology, services and accessories in our home. Most of the primary ones are listed below

  • Heating
  • Lighting
  • Security system and devices
  • Tablets & smartphones
  • Audio & Visual products
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Curtains and blinds
  • Remote controls

Most on the list above work independently from each other. Services and technology in the home are still very fractured and solitary. Some homeowners in elite properties have even gone to the extent of spending hundreds of thousands of pounds to solve their tech headaches and inefficiencies in the last decade. 

So much like the need for the revolutionary iPhone the home needs a single device or platform to manage and control your household services.

HDL BusPro Colour Touch Screen

HDL BusPro Colour Touch Screen

Customised have been successfully using HDL BusPro as a practical, reliable and sensibly priced solution to provide simple, robust and enjoyable control and management of home services.

From single keypads or panels in each room we have true unification of everything we need to see and control in our homes. 

HDL BusPro is a single brand, professionally commissioned system which services your home with

  • Intelligent zoned heating control for maximum efficiency
  • Energy saving dimmable lighting aided by motion sensors
  • Communication with your home alarm system
  • App control for remote control when home or away
  • Control of TV and distribution of your music around the home
  • Monitoring of your energy production and water consumption
  • Control of your motorised shades manually or automatically
  • The removal of multiple remote controls for rooflights, AV and shades

To further cement the functionality and reliability of the system, the HDL BusPro products are all hard wired together and require no centralised processor or "brain". Brand neutral KNX/EIB Bus cable delivers the control signals to your home services when they're needed, where they're needed, HDL BusPro does not rely on Wi-Fi or the internet*.

Don't live in the home of the past, evolve your home to the new normal.

Customised are award winning HDL BusPro installers based in East Anglia and look forward to discussing your Smart Home project.

Contact our managing director directly for a consultation and prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the sensible price for complete home automation and control. Email Kris Gamble

* Internet connection is only required for app control, if the router goes offline in your home, HDL BusPro continues to work without any interruptions, via the keypads, sensors and touch panels.