Smart Savings and Styling

We’ve reached that time of year again, when the heating starts to get turned on as we feel the Autumn chill. We’ve had huge advancements in thermostats in the last twenty years, from settable to programmable to now the latest wi-fi equipped heating controllers. The concept of controlling your heating from your phone definitely captured tech headlines when Nest and Hive introduced their thermostats nearly four years ago. Although app control of your heating is a great feature the biggest benefit of an intelligent thermostat is the energy saving.

Energy savings are provided by:

  • automatically adjusting the temperature based on whether you’re home, away or even sleeping.
  • learning your patterns when you call for heat and adjusting heating schedules automatically.
  • collecting temperature information from around the home to only send heat to the rooms which need it.

Recent reports have found that the average UK home could expect to reduce energy bills by around 35% with the use of a smart, learning thermostat. The learning part is the standout feature to look for in a thermostat because more often than not the homeowner still sets the temperature too high, has the heating coming on when no one is home and doesn’t make regular changes to the schedule.

A favourite thermostat of the Customised Tech Team is the Netatmo Smart Thermostat. As well as having all the smart features now expected as standard, the Netatmo leads in the styling stakes too. The stunning design by Starck will add design flair to any home with its choice of colours. Netatmo have also embraced different methods to control your heating and offer voice control through Siri, Amazon Echo and Google Home for the ultimate in convenience. There is also an intuitive and easy to use app for your smartphone and tablet.

Netatmo have produced an easy to use energy saving calculator on their website for you to see how much you could save on your bills. Check it out and let us know what you could save.

Customised are certified Netatmo Pro installers and would be delighted to explain more benefits of smart heating control during the free consultations we offer. Contact us to book your appointment


Netatmo by Starck