Smart Home Living is Here To Stay

Less than ten years ago the iPhone was still at design stage; its launch in 2007 made smartphones mainstream.  Touch screens were in and push buttons were out.  Our relationship with our mobile device is incredible, it’s with us at all times.  Were the previous generation of mobile phones treated like this?  Your smartphone is now your camera, notebook, TV, diary, games console, alarm clock and wallet.  The uses for your smartphone are constantly evolving.  The next use for your mobile device is using it to control your home.

Apps have been able to control your TV, set top box and music system for a while but you do usually have to use several apps to be in control.  Systems have been around for over a decade to give you complete control of your home from a single app.  They were historically expensive, complicated and exclusive to high priced properties.  A true home control solution should give the homeowner control and management of their lighting, heating, security, energy, entertainment, shades and telecoms.  The additional layer that enhances these systems is automation, enabling the home to managing itself.

The past twelve months have seen the arrival of Apple, Google, Microsoft and many other household names in the smart home market.  All these newcomers have the ability to make the smart home inexpensive, uncomplicated and accessible to all, and they are about to start introducing devices into your home.

The easy route for the arrival of smart home devices is through your mobile or broadband provider.  Look out for offers of smart hubs, smart plugs, smart sensors and smart appliances appearing soon.  The next place you will start to see smart devices is at your local electrical retail outlet or department store.  Here you will have the opportunity to see a demonstration of the services offered and the ability to ask the more technical questions.  The devices you purchase and bring home will typically be installed yourself.  This DIY approach to smart home living is the biggest stumbling block mass adoption faces.

Luckily there are thousands of smart home technology professionals across the UK ready to help you live smart.  A professional installer will maximise the performance of your smart devices, tackle the more advanced technical elements like heating control and automation and most importantly teach you how to operate your new smart home.  When you are ready to start living smarter then make sure you seek out your local smart home expert to advise you on the best system for your current and future needs.

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