Whether they are an owner or a tenant, people take great pride in their home, which is their own little space in which to relax and forget about the daily stresses. Naturally everyone adds their personal touch to make their home unique to them, but does this loving treatment extend to technology, or is your home falling behind? Read the daily technology timeline and check out our solutions…

  • As you roll out of bed to search out that buzzing clock in the darkness, you recoil at the Arctic temperature outside of the covers. First stop will have to be the thermostat downstairs to get the house warmed up. Smart thermostats are controlled via smartphone and learn your heating preferences.
  • When you're downstairs you realise that lights had been left on all night. Energy sapping outdoor floodlights and the dozens of kitchen spotlights. A lighting management system using sensors and timers turns lights off when no ones in the room or if a time of day is reached.
  • Having turned on the heating and made it back upstairs, you decide that you’d like to listen to the news while you shower, so you turn up the bedroom radio/alarm really loud to hear it in the en-suite. Multi-room music systems pipe music to any room in the house through in-ceiling speakers and music streaming services.
  • Your attempt to check the news on your smartphone instead doesn’t go much better, and you curse the speed of your wi-fi. Upgrades to your router and additional wireless access points maximises your broadband speeds.
  • To get the news on your living room TV it is one remote control for the TV, one for the set top box, another for the amplifier. It's a frustrating process everytime you just want to watch TV. An all-in-one learning remote control can operate all your TV equipment and also your smart thermostat, lights and multi-room music system.
  • As you're leaving the house you notice that the door on your shed is hanging open. Further investigation tells you that an intruder has been in, but your security camera has captured only pixelated, grainy footage. A simple upgrade to an HD camera with motion detecting notifications to your smartphone may have averted this break in.

If any of these scenarios strike a chord with you then your house is lagging behind. It seems strange that so many of us are content to spend most of our time in homes that are lacking the technological comfort that we take for granted in our vehicles or places of work. Simple, smart changes to the setup of your home can streamline daily life and give you more time to focus on the things that matter.

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