During these past six weeks of summer holidays I’ve worked out we were away from home for more than twenty nights. During these periods away from home we remained in constant connection with our home. It gives us tremendous peace of mind when we are away that everything is safe and secure back home.

We got motion alerts from the front door when mail was delivered. On a couple of occasions we got a call from our front door when a large item was being attempted for delivery. We got a temperature alert from our thermostat when the house temperature got above 26 degrees during the hot spell of weather. We received a message from the smoke detector to say that it carried out its monthly check and the battery level and sensor performance is okay. A quick conversation with Siri confirmed that all our lights were off during the day but that our lamps were on at night to give the impression of occupancy. We were even able to open the back garden gate lock for the window cleaner to finish his work at the rear of the house, we knew he had left by checking the outdoor camera overlooking the back garden.

For many who haven’t experienced smart home technology being a part of their daily life then this may sound very futuristic, big brother’ish or complicated to operate. It is certainly a change from the normality that we’ve had in homes for many, many years. The reality is though that the old normal is dumb. It sends out no safety alerts, gives you no eyes and ears around your home and has dirtier windows.

The smart home is the new normal that is available today with a price tag that is affordable, a set up time that is not disruptive and is very easy to operate. If you can use a smartphone then you can work a smart home.

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