Treating home pain points with tech is the mission we have set ourselves at Customised. Our daily installations and consultations have returned amazing insights into the common pain points that homeowners are frequently suffering from. From these experiences and feedback we developed services to provide the treatment needed.

The most common gripe that people have in their home is internet speed and wifi coverage. Many are unaware of faster broadband speeds available from alternative telephone or cable providers or that 4G wireless internet is often the fastest service available in your area. Many homes are now getting improved internet speeds but aren’t getting those great speeds throughout the home and outdoor spaces. A mesh wifi system is the cure in this case. Customised have a rapidly deployed WiFi service and this tech treatment will relieve the pain of poor wifi coverage in your home.

Household bills are a well known discussion point in all households. Reducing the household outgoings is a target for many homeowners. A usual culprit for wasting money in the home is your heating controls. Even now we encounter homes without a thermostat. The addition of a thermostat prevents unnecessary overheating of the home and prevent the home from getting too cold. When you make that thermostat smart and intelligent it learns your routines, temperature preferences and gives you heating control from anywhere in the world. Your thermostat controls 60% of your energy bill. So shouldn’t it help you save energy? Customised offer an express installation service of smart thermostats to make your home heating smarter and more efficient.

Online shopping is the easiest way to buy the things you need. Click or swipe to buy is a beautiful experience. To top off the experience the item may arrive at your home the very next day. However, not many things frustrate people more than missing a delivery. We’ve all suffered from it. Missed it by minutes, didn’t hear the knock on the door or had to go to the delivery centre miles away with the slip to get your item. Imagine never missing another delivery, imagine always being home. A smart doorbell is the eyes and ears for your front door. You can receive person, motion and sound alerts and your doorbell can even recognise friends and family and send comforting updates that they are at your home straight to your phone. A smart doorbell installation is another speedy service that the Customised Tech Team can provide.

Three common pain points felt in homes up and down the country, quickly treated with tech to relieve the frustration. Share with us your common woes and we’ll see if they could be treated swiftly with a tech prescription.