Smart Home with Speed is an evolutionary way to have technology professionally installed in your home. For decades, the process of owning a Smart Home was normally aligned with a major renovation of your home or a complete new build project. It typically took months to complete and was a major investment, sometimes costing £10,000 and upwards.

When we were working on the concept of Smart Home with Speed the main objectives were faster installation, lower costs and most importantly a great homeowner experience. The results of  our research and planning culminated in the creation of our hugely popular service.

One Day Smart Home

The One Day service ticks all the key Smart Home boxes. From the get go our Tech Team target the source of all your connectivity, your internet connection. We review the location of your router, assess the wi-fi coverage and then install a new, improved wi-fi access point which will send wi-fi further around your home.

From that improved wireless foundation we then target essential services like heating, lighting and security.

A smart thermostat with features like geo-fencing and easy scheduling replaces your dumb thermostat for control of your heating and hot water. This upgrade introduces huge savings to your household energy bills.

Lighting in up to three rooms benefit from a change to Smart LED bulbs which will dim without flicker, save energy and can be scheduled to simulate occupancy when you are out. You can even have different colours and temperature of light.

For enhanced security the One Day system offers two options. Either a Smart Doorbell, which becomes your eyes at your front door to never miss a delivery and answer the front door, or you can choose an indoor camera which will monitor when people enter a room or use it to keep an eye on your pets.

To continue the monitoring theme we install two sensors. The first will detect water and we commonly place this under the kitchen or utility room sink. The second sensor measures air quality, humidity and temperature and can be placed anywhere in the home.

After this installation phase, typically 3-4 hours, we turn our attention to the entertainment devices in the One Day Smart Home system.

Your TV is treated to a new on-demand streaming box. Apple TV is installed and connected to your high definition TV via HDMI cable and set up to your preferences. Apple TV accesses a world of streaming TV, music, movies and games. Apple TV plays a key role in the Smart Home operation, it acts as the hub to allow remote control of your home when you’re away.

Music gets a 21st century upgrade, we install the first part of your Sonos wireless music system with a Play:1 speaker going into a room of your choosing. Sonos is an easy to expand wireless multi-room music system that streams music from all the popular services such as Apple Music, Spotify and TuneIn radio.

So now that's all the tech installed, next we turn our attention to the controls. iPhone and iPad apps along with Siri voice control are the primary methods of controlling the systems. In overall control is the Apple Home app which takes control of the heating, lighting, security, sensors and TV services. Siri is the convenient assistant you can use to issue commands for lighting levels, whole house scenes or request the status of the home. For the Sonos music system we use the outstanding Sonos app to give you the maximum features of the music system available to you.

The most important part of the package is that it is professionally installed. Two highly skilled home technology technicians, members of the Customised Tech Team will prepare, install, setup and show you how to operate your new Smart Home system. Any questions and queries you have about controlling, personalising and automating the system are dealt with not just on installation day but there are follow up appointments made to ensure you are getting the maximum benefits from the system.

Should any technical issues arise, Smart Home with Speed customers get a dedicated support email, telephone number and access to the Tech Team database of FAQ’s and videos. Your first year of service and support is included in the initial purchase of £2000 including VAT.

In summary, your home is going to receive a home technology makeover in under ten hours. Heating, lights, security, monitoring and entertainment services in the home are going to be made smarter. A professional installation team will guide you through the installation from initial survey to installation through to support and servicing. The Customised Tech Team are on a mission to make your home smart with as little disruption to your home and lifestyle as possible. Smart Home with Speed.

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