Alongside lighting and heating control, distribution of TV around the home is our most requested service. Delivering Freeview to your screens is fairly simple, we wire the home with coaxial and distribute the aerial services through an aerial amplifier, but what if you want to send Sky HD, blu-ray or HD CCTV footage to all the TV's?

When we wire new properties, as well as the coaxial cable, we also install multiple Cat6 cables to every TV outlet. If you have followed our #LiveInstall tweets you'll have seen us tweet a lot about the merits of Cat6 for sending telephone, internet, CCTV and many more services around the home. We also use the Cat6 cable to send high definition TV to every room.

At Customised we choose award winning HDMI distribution manufacturer Wyrestorm to do the HDMI conversion and switching on your project. A typical installation uses their 4x4 HDBaseT matrix, four HDMI inputs to four televisions. We plug your HDMI devices into the Wyrestorm matrix, everything is located centrally. Your inputs could be a Sky+ box, Apple TV, CCTV recorder and your DVD/blu-ray player for example. We then use the Cat6 cable to deliver high definition video, HD audio and full remote control signal of all the hidden HDMI devices. To reduce the clutter at your TV screen even more the Cat6 receiver requires no power, it gets its power from the matrix, and is an ultra-slim unit (thin devices pictured above, one per TV) which mounts discreetly behind your screen. To make the control simple we can provide an all-in-one remote control or tablet/smartphone based control app.

Now you have access and control at four different screens, four different inputs all delivered over a single cable. Watch Sky in all rooms, or each room can watch a different input. There's a combination to suit all your viewing preferences.

The Wyrestorm range also offers more input and output matrix products to suit larger properties and they even have a system that can send HD to hundreds of screens using your buildings IP network.

Customised are certified HDBaseT installers and can guide you through the process of getting HDMI distributed around your property over a single cable to every TV. Get in touch for your free home technology survey.