Technology is rapidly developing more and more every year and it will only continue to do so. Customised have been reading up on some of the gadgets that were on show at CES 2019, it’s fantastic to see so many new systems being developed but it’s also a reminder as to how clever and intelligent they are all becoming. A 65” rollable TV, smart alarm clock, a clothe folding machine and even an automatic toilet seat which opens and shuts…that’s only naming a few!

Customised are aware that some people are scared of smart technology and hesitant to use it, but we are here to help and put any doubts you have to bed. Maybe you grew up when there wasn’t such a thing called smart technology and thats why you’ve never really thought about using it, or maybe you have already started to gradually add smart home products to your property. The fact is, everyone is different and we as smart home technology specialists respect that.

Customised have been professionally installing and providing smart home technology since 2011, and we have met so many people that didn’t have a clue about how smart home tech works, what it does and what it’s purposes were. Today, they couldn’t live without it. A YouGov’s Smart Homes report from August last year indicates that close to a quarter of Britons (23%) own one or more smart home devices, while one in ten (8%) now have two or more. Smart home devices include: smart lighting, smart security, smart speakers and smart thermostats. The report shows that once someone buys one smart home device, they are more likely to purchase another. Amongst people who currently own at least one smart product, the consideration for getting other smart gadgets increases to 40%. Three quarters (75%) of non-owners are aware of smart home appliances, but don’t know much about them!

We urge people not to be amongst that 75%, do the sensible thing and live smart. Smart homes are the future and they are becoming part of the norm already, saving people money, energy and making their everyday living experience more convenient than ever. Do not get left behind. Contact us on 01508 528964 or visit our Home Tech Experience Centre in Loddon, Norfolk, to start or continue building your smart home.