In the weeks that have passed since Grand Designs Live, I have undertaken over thirty site surveys, looked at over eighty plus copies of house plans and spoken in length with dozens of Grand Designers!

From architects and lighting designers to property developers and fledgling self builders, the nation is preparing itself for Smart Homes.....badly.

Time and time again we get asked the same questions from all levels of the property chain.

  • How much is "it"?
  • Do I just run Cat5 cables?
  • Do I call you after I've moved in?
  • Is everything not wireless?

Smart Home living is no longer a luxury choice, in broad terms a Smart Home is a home that welcomes all technology. The Smart Home normally comes equipped with wiring in the fabric of the building to accommodate today and tomorrows tech. With the right systems in place you can control and manage your homes renewable energy sources, lighting, heating, security, access, internet, TV, audio and curtains & blinds. A Smart Home system puts you in control of the home in a way that is no different to how you live with your car everyday.

  • When did you last unlock 4 car doors and the boot individually with your keys?
  • When was the last time you left your car lights on when you left the vehicle?
  • Isn't it so convenient to know how many miles you've got left in the tank?
  • If I took away your parking sensors, how long would it be before you had a bump?
Things have move on a bit in our cars!

Things have move on a bit in our cars!

UK homes have hit rock bottom in terms of how they work with home technology but the good news is that it won't get worse. Across the UK thousands of businesses like electricians, electrical retailers, IT professional, alarm installers and audio & visual specialists are providing Smart Home installation services to home builders and designers. They can support you in your project from the design stage right through to the handover and aftercare period.

Customised are front runners in the new Smart Home movement and would be delighted to discuss your project. Be prepared for a no bull approach, sensible pricing and a home that is ready for the future.

I'll close on asking the nations favourite Smart Home questions.

  • Budget a minimum of £5,000, this will at least get you design, wiring and testing on even a sizeable project.
  • Cat5 is a legacy term, when you speak to your installer ask for Cat6. It will show you've done some homework.
  • A Smart Home installer needs to be part of the design stage of your renovation or new build....before a lighting or interior designer!
  • Wireless is great for tablets and smartphones, it's not great for movie and music streaming, CCTV cameras, managing your heating and switching your lights. Run cables, ensure reliability.