Time and time again we hear the same comment from clients.

"Is it easy to use? It has to be easy to work. I don't want anything too complicated. "

To be honest, Smart Home often isn't. The technically superior members of a family will pick up the new home control methods in seconds but there is always someone who never gets to grips with it right away.

I thought about this a lot when we introduced the Smart Home with Speed services. Work to the lowest skill level. Make the system so easy that my Grandma could use it. 

We use the Apple Home control platform, yes Apple, the people who make your phone. You know how easy that is to use. Their home automation app is so simple to live with. You also get the added benefit of Siri voice control of your home too. 

So, if you can work a iPhone or iPad then you will get on splendidly with a Customised Smart Home. You don't have to worry about the installation of the tech, our team of installers will install the devices and set them up in only a few hours. Wi-Fi throughout the house, lights made smart, heating made intelligent, music everywhere and security ramped up to a new level of reassurance.

To get one of our Smart Home with Speed systems follow these three steps: 

1. Fill out our Contact Us page. 

2. Our survey team will schedule a free survey at a time and date that suits you. 

3. Discuss your Smart Home requirements and installation date with our friendly survey team. 

We're here to make things easier for you. A Smart Home is simple with Customised.