This headline caught my eye whilst searching on the website recently. 

What’s Possible With A CEDIA Professional? 

It’s been stuck in my head for a couple of days and inspired this blog because I don’t think home owners fully know what is possible when you work with a CEDIA home technologist.

Bringing the latest technology into your home is an exciting moment. Controlling a device with an app or using just your voice is a tech thrill. It’s become so simple to setup Smart devices yourself, current household favourites include voice controlled assistants, colour changing lightbulbs and intelligent smoke detectors among many others gadgets. During the setup of any of these additions to your home you likely went through a process of downloading a new app and following simple instructions until you got the go ahead to start playing with your new gadget. Part of the setup process happening behind the scenes was your broadband router giving your new device an address so that it can communicate on your home network. Do you ever think about how busy that box plugged into your telephone line gets? Really busy. Too busy sometimes, that’s why occasionally your Smart TV starts buffering, your music streaming pauses and video calls go all pixelated and sound robotic. Home networks deal with a lot of traffic and all your latest Smart device purchases only add to the congestion. All is not lost though, download delays could become a thing of the past by employing the services of a CEDIA professional. Your CEDIA home technologist will have your home network running at optimum speeds with some possible upgrades, changes to settings or relocation of devices.

CEDIA Professional for Your Network.

It wasn't too long ago that television sizes ranging from 40 to 50 inches were regarded as BIG screens. Now displays that size are often found in kitchens, bedrooms and less frequently used reception rooms. In your main lounge or living room it’s quite common to see screens reach sizes of 65 inches or even 75 inches. You need big furniture to sit a TV that size on top. The best place for flatscreen televisions is on the wall. Choose the right spot, the ideal height and screw it to the wall. Easy? Not easy. Where is your power outlet? How are you connecting your games console or set top box? Are you happy with cables hanging loose from screen to source? Of course you aren't and this is another common situation where a CEDIA professional can take over. Your CEDIA home technologist will hide those HDMI and power cables and mount the screen securely. Quite often when your CEDIA professional is showing you how to operate your newly installed TV they’ll show you features you may not have known you had like the latest television and movie streaming apps.

CEDIA Professional for Your Entertainment.

Room heating and water heating accounts for more than half of the energy consumed in your home during a typical year. A typical household may have a programmer or scheduler that turns the heating on or off at certain times of the day. You may also have a thermostat in the hallway or thermostatic valves on your radiators. Heat up, cool down, heat up, cool down, often following the same schedule all year round. The thermostat has no idea how hot it is in the upstairs bedrooms and the radiator valves might always be left fully open, never regulating heat output to the room. Can your conscience take this huge waste of energy? Can your bank balance? A CEDIA professional can reverse this consumption trend. Internet connected thermostats learn your routines and sense when you are away from home. They will communicate with the radiator valves and other sensors in the home, to only send heat where it’s needed and more importantly not send it to where it’s not required. And of course, to feed your appetite for gizmos and gadgets, your heating controls will now be voice and app controlled. Exciting times.

CEDIA Professional for Your Energy.

CEDIA Professional for Your Technology.

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