Just before Christmas, the Customised Tech Team installed two Philips Hue Lighting Strips for a client. The receiver of the lights has now told us how impressed and happy she is with them.

‘I had always wanted under cabinet lights in my kitchen. As a surprise Christmas present from my husband, Philips Hue lighting strips were fitted and installed by Customised who are based in Loddon. They are absolutely amazing, theres so many things I can do with a menu programme via the Philips Hue App on my mobile. The brightness can be adjusted and so many colours can be selected to suit any mood, from romantic dinners to family get togethers. They make the kitchen look so much more cosier on a dark, cold morning and night. Just to be able to walk into my kitchen and ask Alexa to turn on my kitchen lights is so cool!


The lights can also be controlled by remote control which makes things even more easier and convenient as well. As I said before, they were a surprise present and were installed a few days before Christmas. They were so discreetly and professionally done I had no idea they were there, there was no mess, no wires or anything to indicate they had been fitted. The overall quality of the lights is incredible and the brightness and intensity of the thousands of colours is just phenomenal.

I would highly recommend any smart home gadget which is provided and fully installed by Customised, which in the long term, can save you time and energy. We are now thinking of other cost effective smart gadgets to have installed.’