Tuesday at the CEDIA Expo was definitely an acclimatisation day. During the week of the show I’m in a rented house with other industry colleagues. We had our first meet up at the house and found our immediate bearings for food, drink and groceries. Yesterday was also my first introduction to the Scooter scheme in San Diego. The hire of electric scooters is one of the most fun things I’ve seen available in a city. These high speed scooters are such a great way to get around and see the city. What’s really cool is the app and tech that is running this scheme throughout the city. Check out Bird scooter rental and see if it is in your city https://www.bird.co/how.

I made it down to the convention centre via my scooter and picked up my pass and caught up for coffee and lunch with the Digital Delight team https://www.digitaldelight.com/. It was great to share insights and discuss industry trends with JJ and Peter from this Houston based technology experts. In the convention centre lobby the signage for Sonos and their new Amp was everywhere. I’m really excited about hearing this new product and starting to install this in our upcoming projects. Look out for our social media posts this week as we get up close to this new product from Sonos https://www.sonos.com/en-us/shop/amp.html.

The evening saw us welcome more guests to the rental home to complete the resident lineup. The house is the HQ for Digital Delight, Customised and Tech Dad https://www.techdad.com/about/ during the week of the Expo. All three businesses will be participating in panel discussions with Logitech during the show so look out for videos and pictures of this on all our social media accounts. The late night socialising saw us gather at a nearby Sushi bar in Little Italy and then go back to the house for home tech chat into the wee hours.

This week is really growing into a memorable show for Customised and I’m excited about bringing you all the news from the show with our blogs and social media activity. Check out The Digital Ramble on Facebook for live videos with myself and JJ Canon from Digital Delight https://www.facebook.com/thedigitalramble/.