This week Customised celebrated five years in business. To mark this milestone we will be launching and announcing five initiatives and events to continue our Smart Home efforts in East Anglia.

Over these five years, technology has evolved hugely both inside and outside the home. We are constantly reviewing our products and services to follow and anticipate these changes. What hasn’t changed so frequently are the requests we get from clients. We call these ‘lifestyle requests’, clients don't always follow technology trends, they follow living habits and react to obstacles in the home that they think tech may overcome.

Classic lifestyle requests over the past five years have been;

  • Can you get rid of the mess of cables behind the television?
  • Can you improve the coverage of our wi-fi?
  • Can you declutter my armchair of remote controls and replace it with one?
  • Can you setup cameras so I can see what’s happening at home?

We know that these are the most common home technology requests and we have a strong lineup of products to service these requests. We have been working hard to prepare for the next generation of lifestyle requests. We have anticipated these being related to key services in the home such as lighting, heating, security and energy.

Emerging lifestyle requests are;

  • I want to control my heating from my smartphone.
  • I want my lighting to work around events such as sunset, sunrise and motion detected.
  • I want to get alerts from my security system to notify me of invited and uninvited visitors.
  • I want my home to be more energy efficient and for it to adapt to my living habits.

For the classic requests we typically use point solutions, specific devices to service the request. The benefits of a point solution are lower costs and easy installation but if a homeowner has several point solutions they can quickly end up with several apps to interact with their home. If we then layer on the emerging requests with more point solutions we have simply created another obstacle and aren't doing a very good job at being a home technology professional.

For the emerging requests we have to turn to a home control system. A system that is going to manage, control and automate all the key services in the home. At Customised we use HDL Buspro as our choice of home control system, it has a product lineup that is adaptable to either new construction, renovation or retrofit projects.

Any home control system worth its salt will hide most of the tech from view. It will leave you with a intuitive control panel in each room, a well presented, easy to use mobile app and various sensors around the property monitoring movement, temperature, brightness, humidity and many other variables needed for automated operation.

Recently we attended a seminar where the speaker raised the concept of your home having an autopilot setting. It’s a great concept that is easy to achieve with home control systems. It may seem futuristic but it is starting to appear in most forms of travel e.g Tesla, Docklands Light Railway etc. It has been commonplace in large commercial buildings for decades and automation is even being added to our purchasing habits by online retailers like Amazon.

Customised are East Anglia’s obvious choice to service your lifestyle requests. We are twice winners of the HDL Buspro UK installer of the year award, Norfolk’s only certified Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) members and have a five year trading history. Look out for our five announcements to celebrate our birthday on Twitter @Customised with #5YearsOfCustomised.