Sadly in our local area there have been a number of robberies in the last few weeks.  A business premises broken into, oil stolen from a residential property and a vehicle stolen from a driveway.  Typical of thefts happening up and down the country at any time of year, in rural and urban areas.

With the summer holidays in full swing, taking us away from home and the office, what can we do to protect our property?  This is the fourth instalment of my home tech summer holiday blog, using tech to help me manage the working parent vs summer holiday battle.

Beyond a traditional audible alarm system, app viewable HD cameras that send notifications direct to my smartphone have given peace of mind while I’m away from home or the office.  I can open the app anywhere I have access to wi-fi or 3G/4G connection and make sure all is well. Cameras with motion sensors alert me to any motion within the camera’s field of view and records the footage to the Cloud in case I need it at a later date.  

The Ring Video Doorbell and Ring Floodlight Cam operate a bit like security cameras, but with added features.  The Ring Video Doorbell allows me to speak to the person ringing the doorbell, as covered in a previous blog, but also it’s motion sensors alert me to when someone untoward is at my front door; a polite ‘can I help you’ coming from the doorbell soon makes them announce their intention or leave!  The Floodlight Cam provides an essential security light function, and should the motion sensor alert me to a security breach, the audible siren is loud enough to give a potential wrong doer a fright!

Another security feature we have added is the video/audio surveillance system provided by our home insurers, Neos.  Motion sensors and door contacts provide alerts direct to my smartphone; a quick check of the security camera gives peace of mind that a door opening is just a family member watering the plants whilst we are away and not something more sinister.  If your home insurance is coming up for renewal, check out Neos Smarter Home Insurance.

With a range of home security services offered by Customised, from cameras, video doorbells to smart locks, why not book our Free Home Survey and improve your home security before the darker nights arrive.