Schools have broken up; the children cheer, the working parents inwardly groan!  Whilst we look forward to family fun on the beach, trips to museums and holidays, as a working parent, the next 6 weeks are a more complex juggling act than you’ll see when the circus comes to town.  So how do we manage the work/life balance over the summer holidays?

Technology is a major player in giving us the time and freedom to enjoy the summer with our children.  I am writing this sat in my living room, whilst our son does a jigsaw and we listen to a summer playlist from Spotify on Sonos.  I should be in the office, but with no childcare today and it being the first day of the holidays, I couldn’t bare to drag him to the office.  I want to enjoy the summer with him, but don't have the luxury of 6 weeks holiday.

The solution?  Awesome home wi-fi!  It allows me to log into our cloud based systems without setting foot in the office.  I can check and reply to emails, order materials, upload this blog to our website and share it to our social media channels!  It’s not a glamorous gadget, but a strong, secure and reliable home wi-fi is the one essential item in my summer holiday survival kit!

I’ll be featuring a few more essential home tech features that make my summer as a working parent that bit easier over the next few weeks.  Let me know what’s in your survival kit!