Happy birthday to us!

Seven years ago, in the Highlands of Scotland, we embarked on our Customised journey.  It has seen us travel across the UK, to China and the USA.  We have created smart homes across the UK, from family homes in the country, to custom build private homes, city basement bachelor pads and island holiday homes.

In this seven years, smart home technology has changed dramatically.  Whilst the wired 'traditional' automation systems will still have a place for those new builds and major renovations, when Alexa moved into our homes in November 2014, there was an explosion of Internet of Things smart home devices.  These devices are accessible, affordable and with a professional installation, easy to use.

That's why Customised are pioneering Smart Home with Ease.  We are making smart home available for those who just want their home to be a bit smarter, more fun and to save energy.  With Smart Home with Ease, there is no re-wiring your home or redecoration required.  We can make your home smarter in one day.

Here's to the next seven years of Customised!