As I spend most of my working week in an out of new and old properties, I’m not a burglar, installing smart home technology you start to notice trends and consistencies in all these buildings and I have started to see a rise in a term I like to call wall acne!

You cannot walk into a living room or kitchen in a new build home now without being faced with a bank of three or four switches for the combination of lights, a thermostat for the underfloor heating, an audio system controller, possibly an alarm system keypad and even a mechanical ventilation controller controller.  It can sometimes take up to 30-50cm of wall space!

For the interior design conscious home owner it is not going to fit in with their modern minimalist styling and equally for a period property, it is going to look the opposite of period if there are four faceplates in reception rooms and kitchen.

At Customised we identified this rise in wall-acne and needed to find an antidote because we always aim to design a clutter-free solution for our clients, especially in new build properties where wiring is simple, efficient and affordable.  In 2013 we chose HDL UK as our main supplier of smart home control and automation products.  They have dozens of products available such as relays, switches and sensors to fulfil all the control, monitoring and automation a household would require.

How does HDL de-clutter your living room entrance?  On one panel you can control the lights in the room you are in and all the other lights in the property; a popular feature is the “All Off” function that turns off all the lights in the house.  Scroll to the next page on the panel and you have access to the room underfloor heating and access to temperature readings from inside and outside the property.  The next page will bring up automation options for opening and closing blinds, curtains or skylight windows.  With another scroll to the right you are faced with your complete music collection stored on a network hard drive and radio station selection.  The systems are also able to offer control of regularly used items like TV’s, set-top boxes and DVD players by using remote control signal emitters built into the panels or discrete in-ceiling sensors.

We are also able to give our clients a high level of control over the property when they are away from home.  By making use of the extensive range of HDL modules and sensors, we can build a true smart-home that will know when a room has been empty for a while, and turn the lights off automatically.  A home you can send a text message to when you are leaving work in the winter, so that it heats up just in time for your return.  This extra level of control and automation introduces valuable energy saving benefits to our clients.

Customised are the HDL UK installers of the year for 2014 and 2015. Get in touch to discuss your antidote to cure wall acne, HDL BusPro.