Consumer awareness of Smart Home technology is on the rise. In the past two to three years there have been hugely successful promotional campaigns by companies like Nest, British Gas and Philips with their security, heating and LED lighting devices. For many of you, these will have been the first Smart Home products you brought into your home. Products like these have enabled the control of your heating using your phone or given you the opportunity to have colour changing mood lighting, but for many this is where Smart Home had stalled.

It'll come as no surprise to you that hundreds of new Smart Home devices have followed in the footsteps of Nest and Hive and well known brands like Apple, Yale, Honeywell and Google are now some of the major players in the homes of the future. With the new wave of devices we also have some new features like voice control, geofencing (a digital perimeter around your home that will control devices if the perimeter is tripped by your smartphone) and single apps to control multiple devices.

An example of one app ruling them all is the Apple Home app. Apple introduced their HomeKit platform in 2014 to developers and in the subsequent years the platform was developed to be the framework for technology accessories to connect and communicate in the home. Many Smart Home devices now proudly wear the Works With Apple HomeKit logo and Apple Home supports voice control using Siri, geofencing and scheduled, automated events.

Customised have chosen Apple Home and Siri voice control to be the platform for our express Smart Home installs. As an example, our 1 Day Smart Home package (fully installed for £2000), combines the following products and services onto the Apple Home app:

Lighting by Philips Hue

Heating control with Honeywell

Smart sockets using Elgato Eve

Water leak detection by Fibaro

HD CCTV from D-Link

Home health monitor using Elgato Eve

In addition to all these fully installed home tech additions, our 1 Day Smart Home package also includes a far-reaching wi-fi hotspot, a Sonos Play:1 wireless speaker and an Apple TV for media streaming. The inclusion of Apple TV also enables control when you're away from home using your phone or tablet. Did we mention that the price includes installation?

To recap:

Voice controlled lighting and heating

Improved wi-fi coverage


Movie and music streaming

Air quality and water leak monitoring

Apple Home control app

Installed in 1 day


Did we mention that the price covers installation, setup and customer handover?

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Smart Home with Apple HomeKit

Smart Home with Apple HomeKit